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If you are an athlete and you have never heard of cryotherapy, then you are missing out on one of the most effective and modern healing therapies available to you. For the last decade and a half, cryotherapy has slowly inched its way into becoming one of the leading treatments for athletic related injuries and muscle recovery. Whole body cryotherapy chambers are becoming ever present within leading professional sports training facilities, with expert cryotherapists being available onsite to execute such therapies.

What is Cryotherapy and How is it Effective?

Cryotherapy is a medical treatment that exposes a patient’s body to frigid temperatures for very short durations of time. These temperatures can reach -110 to -140 degrees Celsius or -165 to -220 degrees Fahrenheit. By exposing the human body to such temperatures for as little as 30 seconds to three minutes, the autonomic nervous system is stimulated, which in turn sparks a tremendous immune response throughout the body. Essentially what is taking place is that cryotherapy tricks the body into believing that it is under the threat of extreme cold, so it revs up the immune system in order to help keep the body better protected. This immune system response creates an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory reaction throughout the body that is absolutely perfect for any athlete that wants to speed up recovery or treat a lingering injury.

Cryotherapy is Science and Research-Backed

The international medical community completely accepts cryotherapy as being a science and research-backed therapy module. Numerous clinical studies have proven its effectiveness at shortening the duration of time that it takes an athlete to recover from a hard training session. It is also proven effective at reducing inflammation associated with athletic injuries or other chronic sports-related ailments such as arthritis.

Cryotherapy is More Accessible to Athletes Than Ever Before

With cryotherapy having such an excellent record of success amongst professional athletes, it has slowly become much more widely available for athletes at all levels. Colleges and even high schools have started incorporating cryotherapy into their recovery regimens, whether it be in-house or at a local cryogenic clinic.