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For those of your unfamiliar with whole body cryotherapy, also known as WBC, it is a highly advanced and modern form of physical therapy that applies the use of extreme temperatures on the body to stimulate an immune system response. The temperatures that cryotherapy uses typically fall to approximately -110 to -140 degrees Celsius or -165 to -220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Who Uses Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is often used as a highly effective treatment across the physical therapy industry, including in wellness centers, chiropractic centers, athletic training facilities, and holistic medicine clinics. All of the aforementioned types of services that utilize cryotherapy used to rely on ice baths and other less effective means of cold therapy to stimulate the body to heal itself. While ice baths and other older cold therapy methods are still highly effective, they are typically not used to treat some of the more severe ailments that cryotherapy is known to be effective at treating.

How Effective is Cryotherapy?

Conclusively proven through legitimate medical research, cryotherapy is exceptionally effective at stimulating the body to heal itself. Cryotherapy triggers a strong and long-lasting immune response within the body and is able to effectively induce deep healing in inflamed joints, arthritic bones, damaged tissues, diseased skin, fibromyalgia, and other afflicted parts of the body. With cryotherapy, the healing isn’t localized, as the whole body is exposed to the extreme freezing temperatures. Instead, the entire body experiences an immune response that benefits all physiological systems.

What Does The Cryotherapy Equipment Look Like?

Cryotherapy is usually conducted within cryogenic chambers. These chambers allow the patient to expose their whole bodies to the extreme temperatures while locking out humidity and heat from the external environment. The cryogenic chambers generate the extreme cold temperatures by blowing air through liquid nitrogen exchangers that are heavily controlled. Through highly advanced filters, compressors, and regulators, the air can come into contact with the body in a manner that is safe and very tolerable. Most people that use cryogenic equipment are quite surprised to learn that the temperatures generated are so cold, as you will typically not feel it.