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Trisha Ball

Business Professional

Trisha Ball is an Employee Benefits professional with 19 years of experience. 



Trisha Ball’s Background

Trisha Ball has worked in and around the healthcare industry for the entirety of her career, and through working in employee benefits, Trisha has gained extensive knowledge of the industry. Some of her areas of expertise include employee benefit plans, benefit law, benefit billing reconciliation, HRA and HSA plan administration, new employee orientations, COBRA and FSA administration, as well as wellness plan development.

Trisha Ball attended Metropolitan State University where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. Her psychology degree has helped her move into a career focused on helping others through human resources departments. Trisha has also been certified with a Life and Health Producer’s License from the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Trisha Ball is dedicated to helping others through her work, which began in employee benefits. Her first role was as a Benefits Administrator where she started learning the healthcare industry. In this role, Trisha facilitated the daily enrollments, changes, terminations, and took part in the annual renewal process during open enrollment for employee benefits. She learned more about benefits and while working closely with payroll departments to generate monthly benefit audits and other monthly reports of benefits.

After working in this role for three years, Trisha Ball became a Benefits Analyst at a different company where she acted as an account manager for multiple accounts ranging in size from 400 to 4,000 lives. She assisted with daily tasks and helped to create a wellness program for a client with multiple locations across Minnesota. Trisha spent three years in this role before beginning work at a new company. In 2006, Trisha Ball began working as a Client Sales Consultant/Client Executive at Metlife.

In her new role, Trisha became responsible for sales and servicing client accounts. The accounts that she was responsible for varied widely in size; accounts were as small as 500 individuals to as large as 13,000 individuals. Trisha managed $25 million in business and was the consultant for clients when dealing with renewals and plan performance. She worked with a customer on a Six Sigma project to understand gaps in efficiency and created plans to streamline the process. She proved her leadership skills when she qualified for a Leaders Conference by adding an additional $8 million to existing book on a Dental renewal.

Trisha Ball continued to obtain and work in managerial and leadership roles throughout her career. In her current position as an Employee Benefits Specialist, she is the lead on the employee medical plan for escalated claim issues, annual renewals, employee communications, and SPD and contract reviews. Trisha worked on a team that implemented a biometric screening process as part of a wellness plan. She then managed the biometric screening process with in-house nursing staff working the project for over 10,000 employees.

These experiences in employee benefits have exposed Trisha Ball to the healthcare industry. She has learned about different types of plans and treatments that can be provided. One treatment has since become her passion. Cryotherapy is a treatment involving freezing, or near-freezing, temperatures on the body to help improve healing, especially for athletes. Trisha Ball wants to bring cryotherapy to people who would really benefit from the treatment.

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